Grow New Product Revenue Faster

Determine if the product is worth launching.
Our Machine Learning and AI-powered SaaS system provides:

  • a Digital equivalent of your vetting process
  • Identification of critical path to launch
  • Faster diligence on an launch decision
  • Ongoing plan execution feedback
  • Prescriptive actions to take to achieve results

Determine the best path to a great launch

  • Quickly upload data and determine areas of interest.
  • Determine if the product is viable, valuable and investible using your metrics for success.
  • Adjust to determine the “Certainly True” path to a better product launch.

Turn market and internal data into results

Aggregate multiple data sources and develop not only insights but also actions that need to happen to ensure a valuable launch.

Make launch decisions based on analytics

Know where to invest in the RIGHT activities after identifying the biggest impactors and detractors to bringing your product to market.

Versatile software application built for your unique solution adoption process

Actuals to Plan

Track your progressSee how the launch is going compared to plan


Big Red BoxIdentify areas that need executive oversight


See what to do: Reduce risk by aligning the organization

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