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We help you win every day so you avoid needing the diving catch at the end of the quarter. You get a SaaS application that uses math to enrich your existing data and rapidly inform your daily decisions. You get the validation of a consultant, the vantage point of a banker and the velocity of an entrepreneur in a business GPS that creates a route as well as the in-stride corrections to win every day.

According to an article by McKinsey & CO, only 27% of delegated decisions (the ones made during execution) are considered high-quality and high-velocity. What if you had a system that helped the entire organization make higher-quality and higher-velocity decisions which led to more consistent achievement? You can with our GPS!

Anyone making decisions! Our customers use the tool to hit their daily goals from the top of the organization, where the “big-bet” decisions are made, to the bottom where the high-level decisions are executed. As a result, we initially deal with the C-level. As they start using the application it matriculates down. For sales, this usually means a discussion with whoever owns the sales number and the operations team that supports that person.

You have invested a lot in tools such as tableau, PowerBI, SFDC or Hubspot among others. We built our platform to leverage your investment in these tools, not to replace them. While some customers will use our visualizations and our data services, the data provided by these tools can be turned into actions. You can embed our recommendations into your tools to provide guidance where your workflows happen. Contact us about integration options.

Company size is a common consideration. While size may correspond with complexity, size is indifferent to how you use your data to make better decisions. Small companies also have data, and often lack the luxury of resources to leverage that data. Our goal is to help you get – as fast as you can – to a point where you can say, “remember when we were a small company!” See how others have grown with our application.

Every organization is unique: the talent, the customers, the markets, the products, and the constraints. And yet, every organization makes decisions about how to convert investments into outcomes. Our nodes adapt to the specific decisions and conditions of your business. For example, some of our clients are using seven nodes to define their sales chain, while others are using fifteen or more to optimize their marketing results. Contact our CSRs to help you think through the tradeoffs and get the right set of nodes for you.

The Business Navigation System does all of the math/analytics for you. Once the drivers are set up and the data is ingested, the system provides you with the specific actions you need to take to achieve your goals. You don’t need to know how to use the analytics as they are all built right into the GPS.

We help you win each day. That means you achieve your daily targets with guidance from the system. When you win every day, you win the week, the month, the quarter and the year. No more anxiety from worrying about the quarter-saving diving catch!

Any department that has targets would benefit from the BNS. Sales is a common place for customers to start as not achieving targets in sales can affect the entire organization. However, departments such as marketing, product management and strategy are also starting points. Our Customer Success team will help you prioritize to get to value as fast as you can from your decision.

The Business Navigation System (BNS) is different in that that it is not an insights system, but rather a guidance system. While the system does provide insight, the true power comes from the specific actions that are rapidly calculated to either get you back on track or keep you on track. Imagine not only knowing what is going on the your business but that everyone knows the top three things they can do at any given time to make the business better.

How does the Business Navigation System work?

How do you use a GPS? You put in the destination, the system builds the route. As the conditions change the system reroutes you. The BNS does exactly that for your business. Unlike a GPS, the BNS can easily expand to fit your business. Wouldn’t you love to have this capability for your everyday decisions?

There is no technical limitation on the number of data sources. The GPS uses data you are already relying on to make decisions in your business. Many have found it is a great way to combine disparate data. As a matter of fact one of our customers is ingesting nineteen different sources of data for their organization!

The Business Navigation System is a light-weight SaaS application that enriches existing data. Initial setup includes an organization determining the decision nodes and creating the initial data pull format. This is typically done in an initial two hour session. Once that is completed, the process is as simple as running the proper reports and putting them in the correct shared drive.

The system adapts to your existing workflows and uses your existing data to minimize the disruptions typically associated with adopting new tools. We are not putting any requirements on your associates to add new data or work steps. Our goal is to help you get stuff done, not spend time trying to manage the systems that support your work.

Many of you will feel you don’t have enough data, and we understand. Many of our clients felt the same way. By leveraging the data they already have, in new ways, our customers found that they could get some tremendous insights with as little as five or six nodes of top-down aggregated data. Our starter pack makes these insights accessible without creating any obstacles caused by data limitations.

Your unique business and workflow create the nodes. You have access to our library of nodes based on similar businesses to start creating your digital twin. Additionally, your CSR will guide you through adding your unique nodes. Your CSR will also assist with node setup and tuning ensuring your nodes are “certainly true” to your situation.

Poor data quality, hmm. Unfortunately, you are already making decisions with this data. We aggregate and enrich that data to unlock prescriptions to enhance your daily decisions. With our BNS you can stop guessing and start growing.

You don’t have to worry about interpreting the data! You get clear actions instead of data points minimizing the need for data interpretation. Schedule a demo to see how easy it is to stop guessing and start growing.

We agree with you and that’s why we make our prescriptions available right in the apps you are already using and aligned to the workflows you already have. You could use our portal if that is important to you (and we think it could be quite fun too)!

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Our customers typically start with a subset of aggregated data at a strategic level and as they identify the areas that need work they add additional nodes. The GPS scales as the needs within the organization change.

It is your plan. The system provides you with historical perspective which allows you to plan better. You can continue to adjust the plan to suit your organization and once that is done you set it and forget it. Our GPS will give you the guidance to make attainment of that plan “certainly true”!

We have set our pricing to make the solution available to all organizations, and pricing is based on the number of nodes you use. The Business Navigation System gives you the validation of a consultant and the vantage point of a banker. A yearly subscription costs a fraction of the services of either professional. Additionally, the BNS continues to provide updated guidance – not a one time “this is what is going on and good luck”.

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