The First Business GPS

Stop guessing and start growing with Augmented Intelligence

Better and faster decision making

The Business Navigation System makes every decision, your best decision

Transform Data into Outcomes

CerteVerus AI makes your decisions faster and better with prescriptive analytics. Eliminate end of quarter anxiety by knowing what to do so your team can concentrate on how to do it.

Quickly identify areas of concern

If you don’t know what’s broken, you can’t fix it. The Business Navigation System (BNS) quickly identifies when execution is off.

Navigate with a business GPS

Integrate with your existing data – CRM, Marketing, Analytics, Accounting, and POS to name a few sources.

Who Uses CerteVerus AI?


Plan and make data-driven decisions that will yield results.


Create a best-in-class, flexible enterprise data culture.


Know what actions to execute and improve staff development and performance.

Transform the way your organization works

Highly effective organizations get higher returns from their decisions.

Stay ahead of the curve

Know “what” to do so you can concentrate on “how” to do it.

Better decision making with prescriptive analytics

Prioritized actions ensure your team’s decisions are on time and on point. Augmented Intelligence empowers your entire team’s decisions.